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This is a peaceful tabletop story game about a group of teenagers who get enrolled in a summer program where they'll travel to a small village in the countryside. There, they'll live in a rescue ranch for friendly mystical animals called Mons, and build memories that will last a lifetime. It draws inspiration from video-games like Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley and the non-violent parts of Pokémon.

It can be played by 3 to 5 players, who will each play one character and also share the role of narrator of their story. The rules are simple and forgiving, centered on an easy to master card-and-dice-based system and an abundant token economy. 

As you play, you will narrate your character's days as they:

  • Explore the wilderness
  • Visit the nearby village and interact with side characters
  • Create and work on shared projects
  • Rescue wild Mons and train them to help them grow
  • Become closer with the other main characters
  • Participate in the village's festivals

The framework that is built into the rules give you a solid foundation for creating your story without having to rely on improvisation alone. They are designed to emulate the flow of days that go by too fast, dotted with memorable moments.

In the game, you'll find tables that allow you to randomly generate the Mons you'll meet, helping you establish their appearance and personality in a few easy steps and making each playthrough even more unique.

This game supports online play by providing a Play Guide with tips and access to a character keeper (a Google Sheets spreadsheet that stands in for all the material you'd have to print for in-person play).

The beautiful art was made by Laila Lory Alves.

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GenreRole Playing
Tagscollaborative, Cozy, gmful, GM-Less, story-game, Tabletop role-playing game


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A whimsical atmosphere in this summer camp filled with little cute animals. I love the ideas of the calendar, the romance and the way to create little animals which we can train.  I hope to play this game soon !!

Thanks for your interest! Hope you play it soon

Hello, We’re going to play this game tomorrow. A printer friendly version of the rules would be as appreciated as the print pages already are. Good job!

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And was that session awesome… Everything works. Maybe there could be an incentive to bring more sensations, like olfactory, tacile, etc. I usually play 2 hours and we played 6 to finish the one-shot.

I'm so glad you had a good time! 2 hours would be a bit tight for it, yeah, but I'm glad you did manage to play it as a one-shot.

Other sensations would be cool! One of the playtesters said it could be nice to describe what each mon sounds like. Guess it's something to keep in mind if I do another release :)

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I translated the game into french for our session and I also have feedback about the redaction of the rules. I tried to reach you on TheGauntlet forum without success. Maybe we can talk on the discord server. https://discord.gg/vGGNydFk . Else, we can discuss here and then you will delete the unnecessary posts.

Thank you for this treat of a game, now available in french #leTTRPG :3