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In the distant future,  humanity has perfected space travel and populated the stars.

Among the infinite galaxies lies a peculiar little corner of civilization.

There, in the Habershire System, a cluster of dozens of small space stations, most housing a single family, orbits a beautiful, uncolonized, green and blue planet. All who live in the Habershire Cluster are part of a social contract called "The Dance", which is an emulation of Regency Era society with a few changes.

Through this hack of the amazing Good Society, you'll tell the story of a group of people who devote their lives to raising their status, having fun, searching for meaning, or looking for love.

This project consists of a PDF detailing the setting and a sample playset in the form of an Online Play Document. You'll still require the Good Society base game in order to play, and you can use all of the standard Desires and Relationships in this setting with little tweaking.

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The Space Between Us PDF 112 kB
The Space Between Us Online Playing Document

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