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A whimsical atmosphere in this summer camp filled with little cute animals. I love the ideas of the calendar, the romance and the way to create little animals which we can train.  I hope to play this game soon !!

Thanks for your interest! Hope you play it soon

Hello, We’re going to play this game tomorrow. A printer friendly version of the rules would be as appreciated as the print pages already are. Good job!

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And was that session awesome… Everything works. Maybe there could be an incentive to bring more sensations, like olfactory, tacile, etc. I usually play 2 hours and we played 6 to finish the one-shot.

I'm so glad you had a good time! 2 hours would be a bit tight for it, yeah, but I'm glad you did manage to play it as a one-shot.

Other sensations would be cool! One of the playtesters said it could be nice to describe what each mon sounds like. Guess it's something to keep in mind if I do another release :)

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I translated the game into french for our session and I also have feedback about the redaction of the rules. I tried to reach you on TheGauntlet forum without success. Maybe we can talk on the discord server. . Else, we can discuss here and then you will delete the unnecessary posts.

Thank you for this treat of a game, now available in french #leTTRPG :3