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You are a Grey Warden, a hero of the land who dedicated your life to fighting darkspawn, the terrible monsters that rise from the underground to wreak havoc and spread their deadly taint across all nations. To do so, you submitted yourself to a secret ritual of the Wardens that changed you permanently.

A couple of decades after the ritual, you’ve begun to hear the enthralling Call of the darkspawn's leader, as all Grey Wardens eventually do. You know that soon it will become irresistible, and that it will turn you into one of them.

To avoid that fate, you'll head underground and fight the monsters where they're most numerous, in order to meet an honorable end in battle.


Players: 3 to 5. No GM-like role.

Expected playtime: short.

Mechanical difficulty: very simple.

Tone: dark, fatalistic, nostalgic.

Themes: death, sacrifice, regrets, reminiscence, hopelesness. 

DISCLAIMER: All of this game's non-mechanical text is based on the lore of the Dragon Age franchise, which belongs to Bioware, Electronic Arts and possibly Green Ronin Publishing. This game was made by a fan with no monetary compensation intended and is presented for free.

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I think I've replayed this more than any other one-shot game, and it's been great and wrenching every time. The mechanics are brutal but elegant, and I don't use that word lightly.


Very straight forward mechanics, super easy to jump right into playing! The mechanics suit the tone very well, reinforcing the inevitability of the end. A sad game, but a good one!

Thank you so much for your kind words!